Enhancing Early Childhood Education (ages 3-5) – GOAL 2

As part of the TNSPDG Enhancing Early Childhood Education (ages 3-5) strand, the Division of Special Populations in collaboration with the Office of Early Learning is committed to providing quality, inclusive, early childhood programs to help children build the skills necessary to be successful in the general education classroom. To do this, professional development will be provided through SPDG initiatives to support the work of districts toward increasing inclusive practices for 3-5 year old children with disabilities and by addressing needs around improving and sustaining high-quality early childhood classrooms.

EC Goal 2: Improving Classroom Quality for Children Ages 3-5 with Disabilities

To address this goal districts will receive:

  • training for early childhood staff around positive behavior and intervention to enhance classroom practices.
  • limited funds to support instructional supplies and materials needs identified as a part of the quality needs assessment.
  • support in facilitating collaborative practices among early childhood district partners.
  • information to support effectively integrated special education and related services in the early childhood setting.
  • classroom observation(s) and feedback information from state staff to identify strengths and needs related to classroom quality

State staff will also provide districts with ongoing training and technical assistance support. Districts will have the opportunity to learn from and partner with other districts participating in the SPDG early childhood inclusion cohort. In addition, there will be regularly scheduled community of practice webinars to address early childhood inclusion and quality of practice topics.

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